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- Model I8-40S - General Incinerator



I8-40S incinerator is a small, neat and robust for general use. The top loading design makes burning many types of waste streams easy. Inbuilt after burners ensure harmful emmissions are erradicated. Easy to use and maitain and built to the highest quality stanards by the Inciner8 team. Imagine clean and tidy waste treatment and no more mess.

  • Military Operations
  • Remote Housing
  • Boarding Schools
  • less than 120 People Communities
  • Industrial Waste less than 500kg day

All our incinerators are hand-built in the UK by time-served welders and fabricators.

Our award winning design team are always on hand to offer their advice and technical know-how to ensure we get your project off the ground without delay. We can also assist you in the preparation for your planning or permit application where required.

  • Combustion Chamber Volume (m3): 0.36m3
  • Burn Rate*: 20-70kg per hour
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 9 kg per hour
  • Operational Temperature: 800 - 1320°C
  • Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber: 0.5 secs
  • Temperature Monitoring: Yes
  • Average ash residue (%): 3%
  • Thermostatic Device: Yes
  • External Length (mm): 1240mm
  • External Width (mm): 920mm
  • External Height (mm): 3930mm
  • Shipping Weight: 1250kg

* - The burn rates provided are to be used as a guide. We have based these figures on test burns using Medical Waste (lowest burn rate) to Cat. A&B Wood (Maximum Burn rate). Burn rates are also dependent on the calorific value of waste, fuel quality and local atmospheric conditions.

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