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- Model I8-55S - General Incinerator



I8-55S model is a mid range general incinerator. When you need capacity and performance this model is ideal. The top loading design makes burning many types of waste streams easy. Fitted with a secondary chamber with afterburner functionality for the re-burn of harmful emissions through a 0.5 second retention time.

  • Military Operations
  • Remote Housing
  • Boarding Schools
  • Industrial Waste less than 500kg day
  • less than 150 People Comunities

All our incinerators are hand-built in the UK by time-served welders and fabricators.

Our award winning design team are always on hand to offer their advice and technical know-how to ensure we get your project off the ground without delay. We can also assist you in the preparation for your planning or permit application where required.

  • Combustion Chamber Volume (m3): 0.54m3
  • Burn Rate*: 30-90kg per hour
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 13 kg per hour
  • Operational Temperature: 800 - 1320°C
  • Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber: 0.5 secs
  • Temperature Monitoring: Yes
  • Average ash residue (%): 3%
  • Thermostatic Device: Yes
  • External Length (mm): 1520mm
  • External Width (mm): 920mm
  • External Height (mm): 4020mm
  • Shipping Weight: 1670kg

* - The burn rates provided are to be used as a guide. We have based these figures on test burns using Medical Waste (lowest burn rate) to Cat. A&B Wood (Maximum Burn rate). Burn rates are also dependent on the calorific value of waste, fuel quality and local atmospheric conditions.

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