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Incinerators for Waste Containing Salt



During incineration of salt-containing wastes, some of the salt will accumulate on the incinerator wall whilst the other part is carried as gas in the flue gas. The arrangement of the combustion chamber must therefore allow for drainage of the salt slag. In the quench system with immersion tube, the slag will be dissolved.

Small-size particles which pass the quench system will be removed in a subsequent aerosol separator.

Special attention to be paid to the attack of the salts, especially alkaline salts, to refractory lining materials.

Alkaline salts penetrate into the refractory and form eutectics with a low melting point. This leads to material melting on the lining surface and to the so called salt bursting in inner parts. Both effects lead to severe wear of the refractory lining and limited lifetime of it.

Experience in selecting the appropriate lining material and operating conditions is therefore essential for such applications.

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