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Where recycling is not an option waste can be incinerated in a cost effective and clean fashion using the Trashx Incinerator. Furthermore the heat generated can be used to heat factory buildings by simply adding a hot air recovery unit. The Trashx Incinerator is available in a variety of sizes to suit most needs.

Simple, low cost industrial Incinerators for quick and easy on site disposal of paper, cardboard, wood, packaging, pallets and factory waste.

There are 5 model sizes in the TrashX range, the largest is able to take whole pallets, with a choice of steel heavy-duty construction, or refractory lined Incinerators for wood combustion or continuous operation. TrashX Incinerators are supplied ready to use, easy and safe to operate. Suitable for inside or outside location, complete with chimney, spark arrestor and full instructions.

Incineration is fast and clean, reducing most waste to less than 5% of its weight. UK Clean Air Act Approved.

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