Industrial Application



Automotive / Steel. Automotive manufacturing and steel mills produce waste solids that plug conventional non-clog pumps.

Vaughan pumps solve these problems in the following applications:

  • Paint overspray sludge
  • Chrome based painting slurries
  • Body metal, glass and plastic
  • Mineral and oil washdown
  • Boiler blowdown
  • Coke breeze
  • Coke tar decanter sludge
  • Iron ore pellets
  • Mill scale
  • Rolling grinder cooling water

Chemical / Petrochemical
Suspended solids in chemical production and waste treatment create very difficult pumping applications. Major chemical manufacturers have all benefited by using Vaughan Pumps in the following severe duty pumping applications:

  • Detergent cakes
  • Hand cleaners with pumice
  • Latex skins
  • Lead oxide slurries
  • Paint sludges
  • Plastics
  • API separators
  • Coke slurries
  • Oil waste
  • Refinery mud
  • Storm drains

Contractor Services
Industrial and hazardous waste solids suspended in chemical solutions create the worst environment for any pump. Lagoon cleaning, sludge dewatering and storage tank cleaning all require dependable pumping equipment to handle the unknown plastics, glass and metals in applications such as:

  • Hazardous waste cleanup
  • Lagoon cleaning
  • Recycled solvents
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Storage tank cleanout

Food Processing
Vaughan pumps are ideally suited for waste handling in all types of food processing. Food industries such as restaurants, poultry, pork, beef, fish, fruit and vegetable processing have benefited from dependable Vaughan pumps handling:

  • Blood and bones
  • Vegetables such as carrots, corn husks, potatoes and tomatoes
  • Poultry feathers, whole chickens and turkeys
  • Seafood Processing waste

Vaughan pumps are also ideally suited for waste handling in rendering operations. All types of rendered solids are handled successfully, such as:

  • Fleshings and pieces of hide
  • Offal
  • Horns, Hooves, ears, fat and hair

Institutional & Correctional
Vaughan Chopper Pumps are ideally suited for institution and correctional facility pumping stations. The combination of chopping and pumping not only eliminates plugging on rags, clothing, bedsheets, towels, blankets, plastics and other stringy materials. Vaughan pumps can directly replace existing pumps, eliminating the need for a pre-grinder or comminutor. Applications include:

  • Sewage lift stations
  • Kitchen waste

Mining / Sand & Gravel
Extremely abrasive environments are detrimental to conventional sleeve bearings, packing and lip seals. Vaughan's unique seal-and-bearing design with the patented seal shroud addresses these problems. Heat treatment of wear parts extends pump life, while mimimizing maintenance costs. Applications include:

  • Acid mine water
  • Coal and sand washing
  • Concrete batch plant sumps
  • Sand and gravel silt ponds
  • Truck washdown sumps

Paper & Wood Products
Vaughan pumps provide trouble free operation for the Pulp & Paper industry in applications such as:

  • Woodyard sumps
  • Log Soaking vats
  • Chip Conveyors
  • Yard Sumps
  • Coal Pile Runoff
  • Conveyor Gallery sumps
  • Fly Ash and carbonized bark
  • Knot and bark handling
  • Drainage Sumps
  • Lime Sludge Transfer
  • Underflow to dewatering
  • Emergency Clarifier
  • Effluent to treatment
  • Clarifier scum
  • Paper machine sumps
  • Broke pits


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