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Industrial Dispersion Unit for Manufacturing of nZVI Slurry



Device for manufacturing of nZVI slurry from pyrophoric dry substances under an innert atmosphere. Batch capacity: 150L.

Industrial dispersion unit is designed for direct manufacturing of nZVI slurry from the dry nano-powder (NANOFER25P or NANOFERSTAR).

The equipment provides manufacturing capacity of 50-150 kilograms of slurry in one batch and is dedicated particularly for on-site production of nZVI slurry in large volumes. Earliest application of fresh manufactured product ensures highest possible reactivity and mobility of nanoparticles. It is also possible to disperse other nano-powder materials in various liquids.

Industrial dispersing unit is equipped with vacuum pump and inert gas inlet that are controlled by automatic pressure regulation, enabling to process metal nano-powder and slurry products under inert protective atmosphere. The protective atmosphere prevents product degradation by air oxygen. The unit includes also a water filter and cooling device.

  • NANOFER 25P nano-powder is delivered in steel containers with maximum capacity of 10kg.
  • NANOFER STAR is delivered in steel cans with maximum capacity 5kg of the dry product.
  • Both dry powder products are packaged and shipped according to International Carriage rules (ADR/RID, IMDG, ICAO/IATA). Notice: NANOFER 25P is refused from aircraft transportation.

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