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Industrial Fans


The various challenges to be solved when transporting gaseous media, at all times call for a safe, reliable and economic solution.

The main fields of application for our industrial fans focus on steel industry, metallurgical plants, power plants, cement industry, petrochemical processes, mechanical engineering, waste incineration, drying and de-dusting technology, as well as evaporation technology.

For All Demands

The demands made on modern industrial fans are as manifold as the fields of application. For every application, we configure fans that are optimized for their respective demands:

  • For unsurpassed efficiencies, and thus top-of-the-line energy efficiency, we offer radial flow fans with profiled impeller blades.
  • To ensure high availability when used with dust-laden media, our product range offers a selection of various modern wear-resistant coatings.
  • We have special steels and rubber linings on hand for corrosive media.
  • For reducing noise pollution, we can create sophisticated sound insulation solutions.
  • Our single-inlet and double-inlet radial flow fans with their simple and rugged design, cover the range of applications with pressure increases up to 40,000 Pa and volume flows up to 800 m³/s.

Very Specific: Axial-Impulse Type Fans

With an adjustable part at the blade, these gas-tight fans have the ability to operate at sub-atmospheric pressure and even to resist pressure shocks, caused for instance by deflagration without being damaged.

Based on our many years of experience, we have created a range of fans that ensures a long and cost-effective operating life even under tough operating conditions.

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