IMPCO Technologies, Inc.

IMPCO Technologies, Inc.

Industrial Fuel Systems


From basic retrofit conversion kits to complete systems including catalysts, IMPCO supplies a package in modules or kits depending on the customer's wishes or logistical needs. The module or system is a group of components, usually mounted on steel brackets, which IMPCO designs and assembles to fit a particular application, such as a specific forklift module.

Modules can consist of a carburetor or mixer, fuel lock-off, steel tubing, brackets, fuel pressure regulator, fittings and a length of hose.

Our products and our integration expertise, enable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to satisfy both customer specifications and stringent emissions regulations for system applications in the industrial markets. The brand name of the certified industrial product line that IMPCO currently offers to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) is called Spectrum.

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