- Direct Steam Injection



The Industrial Hydroheater is ideal for heating liquids and slurries over a wide range of viscosities and solid contents to precise temperatures. With the unique manual or automatic combining tube adjustor, you can easily control the process shear which makes this heater the perfect choice for achieving optimum starch conversion.

  • Adjustable shear flow
  • Highly viscous liquids
  • Uses nearly 100% of steam energy, both latent and sensible

The mixing of sonic velocity steam into a thin layer of liquid or slurry creates a turbulent mixing zone. This allows the hydroheater to provide precise temperature control over a wide range of conditions.

Designed for specific operating conditions

The Industrial Hydroheater is made for your specific operating conditions.  We need to know a little bit about your process and plant set-up in order to design the heater or skid that will work best for your conditons.

  • Reduces energy/steam consumption
  • 100% Thermal Efficiency; uses both latent and sensible heat of the steam
  • Eliminates energy losses through condensate return
  • Eliminates the heat transfer barrier of heat exchangers for improved efficiency
  • Reduces process heating time
  • Quicker startups (tankless water system)
  • Single pass in-line process heating
  • Faster tank heating (self-pumping recirculation loop)
  • Sonic velocity steam injection allows for instantaneous heating
  • No need to use an external steam valve
  • Precise temperature control to +/- 0.5 degree over large liquid turndown ratio
  • Fast response to changes in temperature setpoint

  • Prevents scaling through sonic velocity and turbulent mixing action
  • No worry of plates and tubes ever fouling
  • Continuously cleaned by its own turbulent mixing action
  • Eliminates need for condensate system (smaller footprint)
  • Generally recommended annual maintenance
  • Wide range of Applications
  • Capable of heating process fluids up to 75% solids
  • Effective at heating high viscosity process fluids
  • Provides high shear at point of steam injection for uniform heating and cooking of starch, ethanol and various other applications

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