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Industrial Sewage Sludge


Sewage sludge from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants differ significantly from each other in their chemical and physical composition. Industrial sewage sludge from the chemical and petrochemical industry often contains pollutants in high concentrations and can rarely be recycled. Industrial sewage sludge can not always be used for biogas production either because the sewage sludge contains certain pollutants that counteract a sludge digestion. Due to that, industrial sewage sludge is usually thermally incinerated and utilized to energy and, in the rare cases, directly disposed off in a landfill.

However, pollutants in sewage sludge are mobilized by incineration, particularly mercury and other volatile heavy metals, but also organic hydrocarbons. In addition to these environmental aspects the limited incineration capacity plays a crucial role in the chemical and petrochemical industries. For this reason, reducing the amount of sludge through evaporation of water and other volatile substances like metallic mercury or high boiling hydrocarbons is of great environmental and economic importance.

EnviroMin Technologies offers various methods to remove the volatile contaminants effectively from the sludge.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Volume reduction by evaporation
  • Eco-friendly removal of volatile organic pollutants
  • Eco-friendly removal of volatile heavy metals such as mercury
  • Improvement of storage capability and transportability
  • Improved material handling and dosing capability
  • Microbiological stabilization
  • Hygienic safety
  • Increase of the heating value
  • Recycling possibilities of mercury or hydrocarbons
  • Utilization of the waste heat or steam from other processes possible

EnviroMin Technologies offers customized solutions for the treatment of industrial sewage sludge. The process is designed in accordance to the qualitative and quantitative chemical and physical characteristics of the sludge:

  • Treatment in the rotary kiln up to 800 ° C treatment temperature
  • Continuous drying in the tumble dryer or tube bundle dryer
  • Vacuum drying in a paddle dryer up to 400 ° C treatment temperature

Depending on the pollutants, the throughput capacity to be achieved and the target quality of the dried sludge steam or waste heat from other processes, but also thermal oil, electricity or natural gas can be used as the heating medium. We design and develop the best technical and economical solution for you!

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