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Industrial UPS System


The use by telecommunications, railway, power plants, air traffic control, hospitals and industrial applications is itself evidence of the high quality and reliability of our power supplies.

Special characteristics of our UPS systems:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High efficiency
  • Very good dynamic regulation
  • Power ratings 5-500 kVA
  • System ratings up to 1500 kVA (n+1 –operation)
  • Customized versions
  • Parallel operation of up to 8 units


  1. Single phase UPS systems (up to 200 kVA)
    Type USV-7001 (thyristor rectifier)
    Type USV-7011 (transistor rectifier)
  2. Three phase UPS systems (up to 500 kVA)
    Type USV-7003 (thyristor rectifier)
    Type USV-7013 (transistor rectifier)
  3. Small single phase UPS systems type Minicompact
    can be found in our special brochure On-line UPS
    systems Type Minicompact.

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