Industrial Water Treatment Plants


When it comes to dealing with domestic/industrial waste, no single solution can possibly meet every requirement. In fact, there is different treatment for every requirement and all depend on the characteristics of raw domestic/industrial wastewater.

In practice, there is some different treatment procedures for the same process industrial effluent as all depends on the characteristics of the raw waste. That's why, Tech Universal offers the widest range of domestic/industrial waste treatment plants as we take care of clients requirements and custom design the plants to meet their needs, and to make the waste as an engineered profit.

No longer do you have to listen to manufacturers who give you only one (standard engineered) solution, contact Tech Universal who will study the problem and offer the most optimum solution with custom engineered plant.

When looking over your treatment choices, make sure that you get the full range of environmental solutions and call Tech Universal sales offices nearest you.

Many industrial plant owners in the Region are now well aware of the environmental and pollution control requirements that are being imposed by the Local Government for the protection of the environment. The water effluent of each industrial process plant has to be treated first before it is disposed off in the river, sewer and lagoons or nearby sea.

Tech Universal is playing a major role in the environment and pollution control where it has diversified its design and activities using physical, chemical and biological design treatment to include the industrial effluents treatment plant ensuring that effluent quality is meeting the required standards.

Tech Universal is able to supply engineering, design and fabrication of treatment plants for water coming from several industrial processes.

Since this treatment has a wide range of design, which depends on the type of raw effluent to be treated, Tech Universal reserved the rights to amend the design and listed below are the type of effluent the company is ready to treat. However, we would prefer to carefully study each case thoroughly.

As Population statistics continue to soar and as new industrial processes introduce their own forms of pollution, treatment of water-borne wastes takes on new importance, stimulated by the ever-changing legislative climate.

Tech Universal's comprehensive design and treatment of industrial wastes includes treatment plants for the following industries.
  1. Pulp and Paper Industries
  2. Dairy Industries
  3. Tanneries and Taweries
  4. Textile Industries
  5. Slaughter Houses
  6. Ceramics Industry
  7. Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  8. Potato Processing
  9. Poultry Processing
  10. Fish Processing and Canning
  11. Metal Plating Industries
  12. Paint Industries
  13. Pharmaceutical Industries
  14. Breweries and Distillers
  15. Refineries
  16. Petrochemical Complexes

Tech Universal unique design of such industrial waste treatment plants allow further the reuse of the water for agriculture, irrigation, industrial purposes, etc., hence, helping to reduce water cost by proper treatment and water re-circulation.

For activities, higher production size plants or complex industrial water treatments, Tech Universal have collaboration agreements with first class European companies, these agreements allow us to supply with full guarantees the mentioned services and products.

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