ChemBio Shelter, Inc.

ChemBio Shelter, Inc.

Inflatable Mine Refuge Shelter



The MSHA approved LifeShelter is a rugged, portable, powerless inflatable refuge shelter that provides 96 hours of breathable air, food and water for up to 34 people. Since ChemBio is the original inventor and patent holder of over 1,600 licensed shelters in the field, it enables us to provide the lowest cost shelter alternative to the mining industry.

  • 15 psi Container – Contains supplies and a stores a rolled tent.  Perimeter protection is standard on all models
  • O2 and Compressed air – 5,000 psi cylinders provide 96 hours of air for up to 34 people
  • Proprietary Cylinder Valves – Our cylinder valves have an integrated gauge port that allows the valves to remain in the off position while still being able to monitor cylinder pressure
  • CO2 Scrubbing – ChemBio is the only shelter manufacturer that produces an MSHA approved CO2 scrubbing system which is another reason why we provide the lowest cost alternative
  • Shelter – the tent is rolled out of the container and inflated by compressed air
  • Air Lock – Our patent pending venturi system purges the air lock more efficiently
  • Capacity – Up to 34 people can survive for 4 days
  • Consumables – 4 days of food and water is provided for up to 34 people
  • Gas Monitoring – Remote air sampling MSHA approved detectors are provided
  • MSHA Approvals – Air monitoring, CO2 scrubbing, Harmful gas and Breathable air
  • Shelf Life – All supplies have a 5 year shelf life

Models available:

  • Model 2428
    • Steel container dimensions: 24' H X 96' W X 16' L
    • Tent dimensions: 28' H X 78' W X 30' L
    • Capacity: Up to 20 persons
    • Weight: Approx 15,000 Lb
  • Model 3236
    • Steel container dimensions: 32' H X 102' W X 18' L
    • Tent dimensions: 32' H X 14' W X 36' L
    • Capacity: Up to 30 persons
    • Weight: Approx 16,500 Lb
  • Model 4042
    • Steel container dimensions: 40' H X 102' W X 16' L
    • Tent dimensions: 32' H X 14' W X 38' L
    • Capacity: Up to 34 persons
    • Weight: Approx 18,000 Lb

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