Inflatable Packer Options


QSP designs all of our packers modularly and the majority of packers are purchased for use as a single packer.  Monitoring equipment such as pressure transducers, thermistors, conductivity probes, pH probes, or injections ports are common uses with perforated pipe for injection testing.  Testing equipment can include bladder pumps, electric or piston pumps for pump out testing at various depths and with the ability to isolate various zones.

Depending on application or need, these may be designed to work with a single packer, residing above or below, but they can also be adapted to reside between two packers in a straddle system which is the most effective way of isolating a zone for testing.   Two or more packers may also be utilized together in a multiple packer system to further isolate zones for testing.

Feed-throughs can be built directly into the head, or if appropriate, in-line adaptors can be incorporated into the system to fit your design needs.

Another advantage of being modular in nature is the ability to offer spare parts for ease of service in the field and cost effective repair, (rather than replacement of an entire system) in many cases.

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