- Model FT - 12 FT-NIR Spectrometer



Rapid analysis of grain quality parameters (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content, vitreousness and other parameters of wheat). Determination of oil content, protein and other quality parameters of interest in cereal grains and oilseeds, and processed products. Analysis results are obtained within 1.5 minutes, no reagents required.

Used for process inspection of whole grains at all stages in the agricultural chain, from crop management, grain trading, grain processing and storage to flour production

Grain elevators and grain receivals
NIR Analyzers InfraLUM® FT-12 and InfraLUM® FT-40 provides incoming grain quality control in each truck for grain storage and sorting in lots according to prescribed quality parameters. The determination of the grain quality in each truck reduces the risk of inadequate grain placing in grain silo and makes grain quality adulteration less probable.

The use of NIR analyzers makes it possible to reduce the downtime of the grain delivery trucks in queue during harvest campaign.

Oilseed processing plants
InfraLUM® FT- 12 provides the determination of oil content in a wide variety of oilseeds in each lot. The quality control of oil and of side products (oilseed meal) may be done with the same instrument.

Grain trading companies
The use of NIR analyzers equipped with unified corporate calibration software provides the uniformity of the quality assurance testing at all company’s facilities.


  • Simultaneous determination of all the parameters of interest within 1.5 minutes.
  • Highest accuracy of the measurements.
  • Rapid whole grain analysis with no sample preparation – no milling or grinding.
  • No reagents or consumables required.
  • Easy to operate.
  • State-of-the-art user friendly software.
  • Open calibration models (the possibility of extending existing calibrations: expand their range and accuracy).
  • Capability of regional (corporate) networking with unified calibrations.
  • Capability of extending the range of sample types and parameters of interest.
  • Extended lamp lifetime.
  • Full service at your territory.


The analyzer is operated by the licensed software package “SpectraLum/PRO®” (Certificate 990592). This multilingual software provides the analysis of samples automatically saving all the results, and also allows customized calibration models to be developed and added.


LUMEX offers developed calibrations for a number of all the agricultural/food product samples and parameters/constituents: barley, corn, rice, soya, rye and oilseeds, and wheat flour, bran, meal etc.

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