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Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera



Thermal imaging allows extracting information from the long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) range of the electromagnetic spectrum . All objects emit infrared radiation related to their temperature. In plant research, infrared cameras are used to measure plant and leaf temperature in a non-destructive manner, which is indicative of plant water use behavior, including transpiration and leaf stomatal conductance. Water taken up by the roots is lost at level of the leaves by transpiration through stomata. Evaporation of this water results in cooling of the leaf surface. Upon drought stress response, plants close their stomata, resulting in an increased leaf temperature. High performance industrial infrared cameras can be implemented both in top view and side view configuration.

Detailed specs:

  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Output: 16 bit
  • Spectral range from 7.5 μm to 13 μm
  • Detector pitch: 17μm
  • Objective: LWIR 10mm f/1 with adjustable focus
  • Thermal sensitivity: < 0.05 ºC at 30 ºC
  • Gbit Ethernet connectivity

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