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- Model 500 - Modular Containerized System


A modular containerised system that produces water to meet WHO standards. A move away from a CAPEX model to an OPEX / hire model focusing on service and supply. A system that focuses on providing a solution rather than diffusing a technology. A market focus on potable and Industrial / waste water. Targeting customers and projects that are built rapidly (less than one year) and focused upon supplying water to local demands (over one to three years).  The products are designed and supplied within a 40' shipping container which can be on site within 4 weeks of manufacture (typically 8 weeks).

The products available are:
H20 500: Process & Potable Solution
H2Pro 500: Process, Potable and Brackish
Desalination Solution
H2Pro 500 S: Seawater Desalination Solution

Each range utilises a suite of proven technologies that complement each other and are configured by our water treatment engineers to provide robust and holistic treatment plans.

All component parts of Quatraflow's range of products have been carefully selected for their ease of replacement at short notice, on a global basis. To enable a rapid service & maintenance response all component parts can be replaced on site. This maintenance dynamic allows for component repair to be carried out with minimal plant downtime.

  • Potable water from, surface, bore hole and sea water
  • Industrial process water treatment and re-use including cooling tower filtration
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Maintenance shut-down by pass systems
  • Agricultural water supply and re-use
  • Leisure & seasonal capacity increase

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