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Baffle silencer is able to be fabricated from provided drawings by customers or our customized design based on the requirement. The advantages of baffle silencers are as follows: first, the maximum length of the baffle silencer could be up to 15m. Second,the silencer itself can sustain its own weight without any support from additional framework. Third, the structural design of the baffle silencer is adjustable and flexible so as to meet specific technical requirements (flow rate, pressure drop, temperature, anticipated noise level).

The silencer is comprised of internal framework, deflector cap, external punching plate and internal acoustic filling. The material of structure might be chosen from cold roll shell, galvanized shell and stainless steel shell due to different working conditions; in the same way, rock wool cloth, fiber glass cloth and aluminum silicate cloth are also proper candidates for wrapping acoustic pillow. Punching plate and deflector cap sustain forces. It is necessary to consider expansion gap under the high temperature working condition. Generally intermittent welding is carried out for joints among punching plate, framework and deflector cap. Lifting lugs are welded on the baffle in favor of transportation.

The series of baffle silencers are divided into four categories by material as carbon steel series, galvanized series, 1Cr17 series, and 304 series.

Baffle silencer is suitable for ample lot of silencing applications within the temperature range from -40℃to 600℃and particularly for those engineering applications with large airflow opening and typically a flow rate exceeding 100 kg/s.  Stainless steel shall be used as silencer material when baffle silencer is implemented at sea or onshore, damp, acid rain region. As for dry continental areas, the galvanized plate should be used.

  • Blower, Axial blower
  • Aviation Testing bed
  • Ship power system
  • Air compressor
  • Air conditioner
  • Backup power system
  • Cooling tower
  • Mineral ventilation
  • Centre air conditioner of Hotel, building
  • Subway ventilation
  • Kitchen ventilation

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