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Sound Proof Ducting is designed and optimized on the basis of original prototype. The Ducting consists of flat steel shell, metallic framework, composite acoustic material, metal punching plate and surrounding flange. The space between punching plate and external shell is filled with acoustic pillow. Adopting the advanced plating processing technique and design conception, the quantity of components being used has been greatly reduced and thus cutting the cost. The external casing is assembled through welding. Punching plate is connected to framework through rivet. If the ducting is deployed as an inlet passage, the whole connection shall be assembled through welding process in order to reduce the number of rivets that drops to hamper facility operation. The ducting is able to provide sound absorption, sound proofing and thermal insulation.

The noise reduction for straight and elbow ducting is 10 dB and 20 dB respectively. If the required noise reduction is less than 20 dB for equipment, the ducting could be used as a replacement with traditional silencer. The ducting is functioned as flow direction and connection between facility and silencer, transition between facility inlet and outlet. In the working conditions without direct sunlight or rainfall, the shelf life of the ducting could be extended up to 20 years.

The ducting parameters may vary due to specific project; nevertheless, the main structure remains the same. The average noise reduction of the ducting is 40 dB, and can be even higher than 65 dB according to customer requirement specifications. The flow drop of the ducting is over low, and can even be neglected for the straight configuration. 

Sound proofing ducting is suitable to function as an auxiliary component for all acoustic engineering in need of ventilation noise control at temperature ranging from -40℃ to 600℃.

  • Gas turbine air intake, ventilation, exhaust muffler
  • Diesel engine ventilation and intake muffler
  • Blowers, axial fans and other fans into the exhaust muffler
  • Air compressor air intake muffler
  • Boiler blower into the air muffler
  • Air conditioning unit into the exhaust muffler
  • Large test plant into the exhaust muffler
  • Ship power into the air muffler/intake muffler
  • Metro vents are muffled

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