Injecta S.r.l.

Injecta S.r.l.

- Model Athena AM - Electromagnetic Dosing Pumps



Pvdf Pump Head suitable for chemical used in the Industrial, Waste Water Treatment and Potable Water applications. Ceramic Ball full chemical compatibilty. PTFE Diaphragm unique life expectancy and compatibility with most chemicals. Steady dosing Stabilized Multi Power Supply 100÷240 Vac 50/60 Hz with reduced consumption.

  • Quick connections
  • Manual priming valve
  • IP65 protection
  • Adjustable flow ratea knob on the front panel
  • Power-on and level alarms led
    • to a digital signal (water meter) with the possibility multiply or divide yhe impulses received (4:1-1:1-10:1-1xN) 
    • to an analogic signal (4÷20 mA) with the possibility to regulate in percentage the maximum flowa 
    • 0÷100% manual flow regulation, constant function

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