Injecta S.r.l.

Injecta S.r.l.

- Model DI.B Series - Diaphragm Pump Dispenser



0÷4 CC adjustable flow rate. Ideal for low pressure. Does not require electric connection. Minimum saving, easy to install. Works through the pressure generated by the Machine Rinsee. Minimum maintenance. IP65 protection degree.

  • Flow Rate: variable 0 lt/h ÷ 4 ml for cycle
  • Pressure: 500 kPa (5 bar - 72,5 psi)
  • Revolution Displac: 0,4 ml adjustment screw turn
  • Total Pump Head: 60 m water c.
  • Liquid Viscosity: 10 mPa.s with tubes Ø4x6 mm
  • Fittings: Ø4x6 mm
  • Dimensions: 100x10 mm Ø70

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