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- Model Libra Series - Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Metering Pump



The ideal solution for applications requiring high levels of operational safety and reliability. A Line Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Metering Pumps designed according to the API 675 Standards. Their possibility of construction with various materials allows these metering pumps to satisfy every liquid dosing and mixing application. Furthermore, their complete compliance with the ATEX Standards even allows for hese pumps to be installed in hazardous areas.

Applications Water Treatment and Industrial Sector

Municipalities, Wastewater, Chemical, Food & Beverages, Detergent, Power Generation, Environment, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Texile

  • Of a mechanical return typology and available in various sizes
  • Internal worm gearbox, oil bath lubrificated with low noise emission
  • Rotating parts on bearings to minimise power consuption
  • High precision stroke adjustment, both manual and by means of an electric actuator
  • Accuracy within ±1%

  • Flow Rate: up to 1200 l/h with a single head
  • Pressure: upto 40 barg
  • Temperature: ambient 10÷40°C fluid 5÷50°C
  • Contact Materials: SS316L, PP, PVDF
  • Venting System aside from guaranteeing automatic venting during operation, the venting during operation, the venting system also facilitates the pump priming by favouring the air purge by means of a manual action
  • Stroke Length Adjustment manually and/or automatically actuated, automatic variation by electrical servomotor
  • Mechanical Refilling System maintains a constant level of the hydraulic fluid, thereby guaranteeing maximum precision and repeatability. Keeping also under control the deformation of diaphragm thereby increasing is duration
  • Cartridge Valves in order to ensure maximum dosing precision, even for small flow rates, double and triple ball configurations are available with high precision seats. They can be replaced without disconnecting the pump from the pipelines. The metal gasket for th SS316L stainless steel heads, and FPM gaskets for those in plastic, guarantee maximum compatibility
  • Pressure Relief Valve protects the pump against unexpected overpressure
  • Double Diaphragm With Rupture Detector in the event of a rupture of one of the two diaphragm, the detector activates either a local visual alarm or pressure switch. The second diaphragms ensure the continued operation of the pump. This allows for scheduled maintenance
  • Separation of the Hydraulic Fluid from the Mechanism’s Lubricant the two fluids have independent and differentiated functions and are therefore kept separated

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