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- Model Mix Series - Automatic Continuous Flow Polyelectrolyte Solution Preparer



Automatic continuous flow preparation of a polyelectrolyte solution, starting from the polyelectrolyte in powder form and water. The polyelectrolyte powder is extracted from the storage hopper using a batching screw with variable speed, moving to the mixer nozzle water cone. Because of gravity the mixture obtained falls into the first preparation tanks and then passes through the traps into the maturing and batching tanks. These preparation and maturing tanks are equipped with stirrers, also present as a possible optional in the batching tanks. The volume of the deposits and continuous action of the stirres ensures that a homogenous mixture is obtained and that the retention time is suitable for perfect dilution. The electrical control panel ensures total system automation, guaranteeig correct preparation and the right batching.

The use of polymers and flocculants considerably facilitates the processes of distinguishing between solid/liquid phases in the following examples applications:

  • Treating Drinking and Indutrial Processing Water
  • Purifyng Waste Water, in particular within Physicochemical Treatment
  • Treating Sludge, in order to improve the performance of Centrifuges and Filter Presses
  • Processes for the Paper, Chemical, Petrolchemical, Mineral Processing, Canning Industries etc.

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