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Injecta S.r.l.

- Model TP/TM.INV - Electromagnetic Dosing Pumps



These pumps are plunger piston metering pumps featuring a spring return stroke in an alluminium housing with oil bath. Each pumpis equipped with manual flow adjustment and can be equipped with an electric actuator which accepts A 4÷20 mA or inverter. Piston/diaphragm dosing pumps with assembled inverter. SS316 and PVC (TAP), SS316 and PP (TAM) pump head. Piston Seal is lip automatic type. Max Dosing Temperature 90°C (SS), 40°C (PP). As standard the Pump can be Regulated Manually but it can also be coupled to a Remote Signal, through an Electrical Servo-control with 4÷20 mA signal.


Asynchronous three-phase motor, IP54 protection, axial servo-venting IC06. Inverter module, pre-installed, ALTAIR-M037 motor, “/B” version, 1 analogic input, 4÷20 mA, 4 digital inputs, 1 serial RS485 input for programming and calibration.

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