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- Model 800 - Tankless Water Heaters



The Innovation is a highly efficient tankless water heater that delivers instantaneous hot water with no storage tank or standing water that has to be heated up and then mixed down. With a reliable, scale-resistant heat exchanger and a compact footprint, the Innovation provides energy savings and lower operating costs.

  • Up to 99% efficiency
  • +/-4° temperature control, thanks feed-forward sensing and unmatched turndown
  • High reliability
  • Small footprint due to its tankless design
  • Reduced standby and cycling losses
  • Low NOx
Efficiencies up to 99%
The AERCO Innovation Water Heater utilizes state-of-the-art technology to easily meet highly diverse, demanding commercial and industrial hot water requirements in a compact and reliable condensing design. The durable, high efficient, helical firetube heat exchanger is time tested to be impervious to thermal stress for an extended life. The all stainless steel construction maximizes longevity in the condensing application and the corrugated tubes increase effective heat transfer surface area for optimal thermal efficiencies up to 99%. Enhanced waterside flow distribution maintains constant minimum velocities across the heat exchanger; this keeps solids in suspension and greatly reduces scale dropout to maintain high-efficiency performance and long life.
Precise Temperature Control and up to 20:1 Turndown Delivers Money-Saving Precision
The advanced control system incorporates dynamic feed-forward sensing for precise modulation of its high turndown air/fuel delivery system. These controls fire the unit to accurately match load requirements and produce a tight hot water outlet temperature control. With up to 20:1 turndown, the AERCO Innovationtakes maximum advantage of its thermal efficiency, eliminating wasted fuel and reducing operating costs.
Commercial Tankless Design:
The unique tankless design gives the ability to operate the system with set points of 120°F or below – saving energy and reducing the risk of scalding.  Minimal water volume and maintaining continuous circulation through the unit virtually eliminate the risk of Legionella bacteria growth.
Venting Versatility:
Sidewall, through–the–roof, and sealed combustion capabilities provide broad installation flexibility and savings.
Space-Saving Design:
The AERCO Innovation is delivered as a single, fully assembled unit. Its small foot print, doorway size, and quiet operation make it ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.

AERCO Digital Mixing Station (ADMS)
If local code mandates use of a mixing valve or for storage tank or two temperature applications with AERCO water heaters, it is recommended to use an AERCO digital mixing station. Lead-free, ASSE 107 certified ADMS is a smart water tempering system that allows temperature controlled distribution of potable hot water throughout the loop. The building automation system (BAS) ready ADMS™ can be configured with strainers, building recirculation pump and Flow/BTU monitor package to allow facilities managers to remotely monitor and control distribution water temperatures along with monitoring of flow and energy consumption.

AERCO Condensate Neutralizer Kit
Ideal for neutralizing condensate from condensing boilers and furnaces operating on natural gas or propane.

AERCO Scale Reducer
A must have accessory for installations in areas with hard water (>3.5 grains/gal). It provides an economical, maintenance free treatment of hard water without the use of salt or any chemicals. The SR300 prevents new scale build-up and eliminates existing build-up in water heaters, boilers and storage tanks, hot water piping, valves, recirculation lines and pumps, mixing valves, showerheads and other plumbing fixtures.

Communications Gateway
Optional accessory supports heater communication with your facilities BACnet, LonWorks and N2 systems.

Domestic Water Storage Tank
AERCO storage tanks are ASME certified glass-lined pressure vessels designed for use with instantaneous water heaters. When contending with challenging applications they assure consistent hot water service during peak demands. The AERCO storage tanks are available in stratified or accumulator storage configurations.

Gas Supply Regulator

  • Non-lock-up regulators for gas pressure < 14' W.C.
  • Lock-up regulators for gas pressures > 14' W.C.

Zero-side Clearance Kit
When two units are installed side by side, this kit covers the gap between the equipment – maintaining the air intake plenum functionality of the enclosure.

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