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- DNase I Digest Kit



The innuPREP DNase I Digest Kit is a highly efficient tool for removing DNA from RNA samples that have been contaminated with DNA. Enzymatic DNA digestion has been designed in such a way that it can be conveniently run during the RNA isolation process. This is accomplished by diluting the DNase I in the buffer provided and then introducing it directly onto the Spin Filter column previously used for binding the nucleic acids. Digestion is followed by additional wash steps before highly pure RNA is eluted. The reagents provided are free of RNase and, as such, also contribute to the quality of the RNA. Efficient DNA removal makes the innuPREP DNase I Digest Kit suitable for applications in which even the tiniest amounts of DNA could distort the results. Potential applications include preparing DNA-free RNA, DNase footprinting, Nick translation or breaking down the DNA template when transcribing to cDNA.

  • Can be integrated quickly and easily into the RNA  isolation process
  • Direct DNase I digestion on the column makes the kit  easy to use 
  • Efficient DNA digestion yields eluted RNA of excellent purity
  • Free of RNases and other interfering factors

Starting material:

RNA samples contaminated with DNA


DNase I, 20 KU/µL

Time of preparation:

20 minutes (digestion only)

Quality of viral RNA:

Positive TaqMan® real-time PCR testing results

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