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- DNase I Kit



innuPREP DNase I reliably and efficiently digests even the tiniest amounts of DNA that could potentially contaminate extracted RNA samples. After using a non-sequence-specific DNA endonuclease to cleave the DNA, the reaction is inactivated through the addition of the EDTA solution provided. Depending on the desired RNA purity level, a final ethanol precipitation is recommended in order to remove process-related impurities. All reagents are free of RNases and, as such, also contribute to the quality of the RNA. innuPREP DNase I is used for preparing DNA-free RNA, for breaking down the DNA template before transcription to cDNA, for DNase footprinting, and for Nick translation. The innuPREP DNase I Digest kit is recommended for removing DNA during column-based RNA isolation.

  • Efficient digestion of DNA traces in RNA samples
  • High yields of high quality RNA
  • Free of RNases and other interfering factors
  • Ideal after finished RNA extraction

Starting material:

RNA samples contaminated with DNA


DNase I, 1 KU/μL

Time of preparation:

30 min. for digestion, 10 minutes for inactivation

Quality of viral RNA:

Positive TaqMan® Real-Time PCR testing results

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