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Insertion-Tensio Blumat


The insertion-tensiometer „Blumat“ Model BL is designed to be a reasonably priced, light weight sensor, planned for use together with a digital manometer. The design is based on a slim 18 mm tube and uses a conical clay tip from the Blumat series of the corresponding size (not extra type tested). In contrast to the original “Blumat Digital” Model BD 1, the Insertion-Tensio Blumat is designed for professional use with a transparent tube and can be used in greater depths. The insertion-tensiometer Blumat, together with a digital manometer, presents a dependable moisture measuring device for all measuring needs in standard depths for not overly dry locations. In order to avoid temperature influences while measuring, it is advisable to plan the total length of the tensiometer to fit the measuring depth and thereby avoid overly long tubes projecting above the ground.

Acrylic glass tube- Ø 20x3 mm, Blumat clay tip, cylindrical with tapered end, max. Ø 22x55 mm; Connection: BL = threading for digital manometer.

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