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Insertion-Tensio small


Small insertion-tensiometers can be distinguished by the two different sized clay tips: either Model KVO.. with a 10 mm Ø tip for the smallest containers (for pots of ca. 5 cm or more) or the Model KV.. series with a 15 mm Ø for standard pots (KV2) up to midsize containers or shallow rooted bed plantings (KV3). The maximum suction pressure by the smaller models is limited to 200 hPa due to its design and corresponding smaller water volume. In certain cases, it is advisable to use a capillary tube extension. Small insertion-tensiometers are often used as tensiostats with switching sensors for watering purposes. However, it is often combined with electronic sensors for control purposes or even just for recording moisture trends. Using a T-piece joint, it is possible to add manometers, for example, in order to control switching points. It is generally not necessary to correct for the water column in these small tensiometers.

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