- Model Plus - Multi-Functional Liquid Drilling Fluid Polymer



INSTA-VIS PLUS is a multi-functional liquid polymer designed to improve drilling efficiency in both horizontal and vertical drilled holes through its rapid field mixing, viscosity development, and clay and shale inhibition. INSTA-VIS PLUS is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects.

Designed for use as a drilling fluid polymer for improved viscosity, bit lubrication, and shale stabilization/inhibition. Can be mixed into SUPER GEL-X or HYDRAUL-EZ slurries for use in vertical or horizontal drilling applications. INSTA-VIS PLUS can be used in many drilling applications including GSHP loop installation, minerals exploration, pipeline, sewer, communications installation, and waterwell construction

  • Can be used with VERSAFOAM PLUS to produce a stiff foam
  • Eliminates clay and shale swelling, bit balling, and sticking
  • Flocculates non-reactive solids in reserve pit
  • High lubricity reduces torque
  • Maintains borehole integrity in both horizontal and vertical holes
  • Quick mixing and rapid yield in freshwater

Adjust mix water pH to above 7.0 to maximize product performance. Always mix bentonite first, then add INSTA-VIS PLUS at a slow, steady rate. To breakdown INSTA-VIS PLUS, add 0.5 lb (0.25 kg) of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) per 100 gallons (380 liters) of drilling fluid.

Insta-Vis Plus Mixing Ratios:

  • Added to freshwater: 1/2 to 1 quart/100 gallons (0.25 to 0.5 liter per 380 liters) freshwater
  • Added to bentonite system: 1/2 quart/100 gallons (0.25 liter per 380 liters) drilling fluid
  • Added to VERSAFOAM PLUS: 1/2 quart/100 gallons (0.25 liter per 380 liters) foam mix

  • 42 lb (19.05 kg) pail, 32 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.

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