Instant Carwash Systems



High demand for clean vehicles and little room available for a car wash have left companies with few options.The ability to drive consistent car wash results for high customer satisfaction, to meet EPA compliance and budget requirements are the primary goals.

We have developed 3 methods to meet these goals.

  1. The Instant Car Wash (ICW) is the simplest of all car wash system. Select WASH or RINSE. 100% of the wash water is collected and recycled to be used for washing. Rinsing with optional RO or DI water provide spot free rinsing.
  2. The Automatic Car Wash is completely portable. Above ground Hydropads collect wash water that is recycled for re-use in the wash process. This system can be placed anywhere any requires no in ground tanks or construction to complete your automatic drive through car wash.
  3. Water recycling for car wash applications that really works. We can show you hand held car washes that have no connection to a sewer and yet provide recycled water to the car wash that DO NOT STINK.

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