- Precision Sub Surface Soil Probes


EnviroPro precision sub surface soil probes have been made and used continuously in all types of soils and applications since 2002. Physically robust with reliable and repeatable readings, EnviroPro soil probes are backed up by a no-nonsense 5-year replacement warranty.  EnviroPro soil probes feature essential Temperature and Salinity compensation in their soil Moisture readings.

Applications for EnviroPro soil probes range from single probe applications coupled to a local data logger for soil moisture to highly sophisticated multiple installations. Readings may be logged and data transmitted via wireless or GPRS cellular modems to base-stations or web-servers.  Being sub-surface types, EnviroPro soil probes can be well protected from physical damage.  They are equally at home buried in irrigated or dry-land farming installations.
With connectivity to many types of third-party loggers and transmitters, EnviroPro soil probes lend themselves to easy integration in information-rich soil monitoring systems. SDI-12 version 1.3 compliant EnviroPro soil probes may now be upgraded in place via telemetry and loggers which support Transparent Mode.

  • Easy field installation
  • SDI-12 compliant output
  • Interface to all digital loggers
  • Facilitates fertiliser optimisation
  • Suitable for all crop root depths
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Set-and-forget maintenance-free
  • CE, C-Tick and FCC EMC compliant
  • Optional SDI-12 to RS-485 converter
  • Never needs re-calibration in the field
  • Wide range 6 to 15 VDC auxiliary supply
  • Auxiliary AC or DC power supply optional
  • Temperature-compensated measurements
  • Salinity-compensated moisture measurements

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