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Insulating castables are produced with a similar technology like castables. They are mixes that contain lightweight ingredients in order to have a lower density and obtain a good heat insulation. It is possible to use these kind of products as a primary refractory lining but they are generally applicated as a secondary back up layer of denser refractory material.

Hyisolite 65 - Specifications
Low density insulation material for low temperature and general purposes.

Hyisolite 80 - Specifications
Low density general purposes insulation castable, resistant 800°C.

Hyisolite 95 - Specifications
Very low density general purposes insulation castable.

Hyisolite 100 - Specifications
It is conventional insulating refractory castable made of light chamotte and vermiculite in proper granulation.

Hyisolite 110 - Specifications
High insulation value, low linear expansion, general purpose material.

Hyisolite 125 - Specifications
Low density, general purpose material for backup and service lining. Provides a good insulation, temperatures up to 1260 °C. Hyisolite 125 along with is usage as a castable, it is also used as gunning material.

Hyisolite 135 - Specifications
Excellent structural strength for light weight castable. For service and backup linings up to 1350°C temperature.

Hyisolite 170 - Specifications
Insulating low iron, sulfide free, low density backup lining.

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