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- Waste-Generating & Energy-Consuming Systems


IMUS™ technology integrates effectively with other waste-generating and/or energy-consuming systems. The Integrated bioRefinery model seamlessly unites IMUS™ anaerobic digestion technology with other systems: Ethanol & bioDiesel production. Livestock feeding operations. Slaughter facilities. Food & beverage processing. Green houses. Pulp & paper mills. And other energy-consuming systems.

Highmark’s IMUS technology creates proprietary closed-loop systems that supply premium products to the consumer market and raw materials to downstream production processes.

The Integrated bioRefinery model produces renewable energy more efficiently than traditional, stand-alone systems. Highmark’s model features:

  • Reduced Carbon Intensity for all co-located processes.
  • Net positive energy balance of 7.6:1 or more with ethanol integration.
  • Simplified transportation, distribution, and marketing.
  • Maximum profit generation!


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