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Water Management Technologies

Integrated Modular Filtration (IMF)



WMT's Integrated Modular Filtration (IMF) delivers compact, scalable water treatment systems for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are a researcher in need of a small system or a large food company in need of large scale production, the IMF product line can meet your need.


  • Low Head - Energy Efficient
  • Robust and Reliable
  • Installs Easily
  • Reduced Plumbing Costs

IMF's are currently used in the following applications:

  • Intake
  • Recycle - RAS
  • Effluent Polishing
  • Live Seafood Holding Systems

  • Durable Concrete/Fiberglass Construction
  • IMF Components ship in Standard Shipping Containers
  • Efficient installation due to modular design
  • Low Head Low Energy Systems

Modular Design yields cost savings. Compare IMF treatment systems to component style systems

Mini IMF -
Designed for early rearing of fry and fingerlings for grow out systems, or for the researcher who needs RAS for experimental purposes, the Mini IMF installs easily and delivers a low head energy efficient RAS solution. Easy to install and operate, the Mini IMF is a complete RAS system which scales up to the Mega IMF.

Mega IMF -
When applications exceed roughly 1,000 gpm (63 l/sec.) the Mega IMF in constructed in concrete on site. WMT ships the internals (Drum Filter, CO2 Stripper, Bio-filter (media, screens and air distribution), Protein Skimmer, Low Head Oxygen Injection (LHO), Pumps, UV / Ozone, monitoring etc.) WMT works with the client's local engineers and architect to integrate the fish production systems into the overall facility.

Vertical IMF -
Ideal for facilities where space is limited. The vertical IMF is a complete RAS system engineered to consolidate standard RAS water treatment processes in a small foot print.

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