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The InteliairTM intelligent air control system is a highly developed control system designed to optimise the operation of any air distribution network installed in commercial and industrial premises. The system is applicable to any system which involves the movement of air though ducts to either extract fumes or dust or distribute air. The control system is microprocessor controlled and configuration of the installation is carried out via a software based user interface.

As opposed to a traditional system which is either “on” or “off”, the InteliairTM control system is capable of reacting to changing circumstances and tailor the system operation to conditions prevailing at any particular time. This ranges from full operation at peak demand to standby mode where no demand is present and anywhere between these two states including the ability to maintain minimum airflow through the system if required. To set the most efficient operating mode, the system central processor analyses data obtained from various sensing devices deployed throughout the air distribution system.

The principle benefit of the system is the ability to maximise the efficiency of the system in terms of operation and energy consumption. It could also yield benefits by increasing the life cycle of mechanical components.

The air distribution network can be sub-grouped into logical areas controlled individually to ensure that only operational areas are serviced.

The benefits can be summarised as follows: 

  • Totally flexible operation from standby state to full power subject to conditions; 
  • Potential increased life cycle of mechanical and motorised components; 
  • Reduced energy consumption; 
  • Environmental benefits, noise, etc.; 
  • Real time monitoring of system performance and fault alarms; 
  • Downloadable data logs to record system performance and efficiency;
  • Flexible control system allowing extensions and additions to the system.

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