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Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd.

- Damper Control Unit for Air Control System



Specifically designed to operate with the Intellair Control Unit. The Damper Control Unit capable of connecting either via RS485 or wirelessly to the Intellair Control Unit and capable of operating both Intellair Dampers and 3rd Party actuator operated dampers. Available in two damper styles.

  • System software application accessible wirelessly, via LAN or remotely over WAN
  • Configuration allows for the connection of up to 62 dampers/valves, multiple fans, filter units and air handling units
  • System allows cleaning cycles to be scheduled
  • System allows for the positions to be allocated into Zones to allow for different areas to be separately configured 
  • Dampers and valves can be assigned as ‘boosters’ to allow for the system to maintain minimum air velocities within each Zone
  • Damper Control Unit can be used to operate 3rd party actuator control dampers therefore the system can be integrated with existing equipment.
  • The system is designed to not only operate using the Intellair current sensing switch but most available 24v switches including, PIR sensors, thermostats, air quality sensors, manual rocker switches, etc.
  • Dampers and valves can be configured to communicate wirelessly with the main control unit thereby increasing flexibility and adaptability

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