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- Model 1510 Series - NO / NOx Gas Analyzers



The Cemtrex IntelliCEMS NO/NOx Analyzer utilizes the principle of chemiluminescence for analyzing the NO or NOx concentration within a gaseous sample.

In the NO mode, the method is based upon the chemiluminescent reaction between ozone and nitric oxide (NO) yielding nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Oxygen. This reaction produces light which has intensity proportional to the mass flow rate of NO2 into the reaction chamber. The light is measured by means of photodiode and associated amplification electronics. In the NOx mode, NO plus NO2 is determined as above, however, the sample is first routed through the internal NO2 to NO converter which converts the NO2 sample to NO. The resultant reaction is then directly proportional to the total concentration of NOx. Sample enters the analyzer directly into a heated chamber and is maintained at an elevated temperature. The moisture will remain in the vapor state, thus ensuring no loss of the NO2. Local operation is simplified using the 20 button alphanumeric keypad with data presented on a back lit LCD display. All local operations may be performed remote via RS-232 and/or TCP/IP

  • Stacks Gases (CEM)
  • Scrubber Efficiency
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Turbine/Generator Feedback Control
  • Process Chemical Gas Analysis
  • Personnel Safety
  • Power Plant De-Nitrification
  • Fuel Cell Analysis
  • Vehicle Emissions

  • Selectable Ranges from 0-3 to 0-3,000 ppm Full Scale (NO/NOx) Measurements
  • Auto Calibration and Ranging
  • Fast Response Time
  • Electronic Sample and Ozone Flow Control
  • Auto Calibration and Ranging
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Internal Zero/Span Solenoid Valves
  • Internal Heated Sample Pump
  • High Output Ozone Lamp
  • Internal Ozone Pump
  • 19 inch Rack Mount Slides

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