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Intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (IPSS)


Modern pipeline management calls for pipeline integrity, real-time leak detection and threat identification. Silixa’s intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (iPSSTM) utilises a single optical fibre cable and distributed sensing technology to monitor continuously the integrity of oil and gas pipelines against leak and threats.  The system offers sensitivity & positional accuracy which cannot be achieved using other technologies. It operates using standard telecoms fibre as the sensor with no complex components or power to the sensor along the pipeline route.

All instrumentation and processing takes place in the control room.  The cable containing the fibre only has to be placed in proximity of the pipeline making installation straightforward and retrofitting a possibility without having to conduct works on the pipeline.

Early detection of a leak or intrusion together with the accurate identification of the location allows time for either safe shutdown or rapid dispatch of assessment and clean-up crews.

Key benefits

  • Uninterrupted monitoring with no dead zones along the entire pipeline length
  • Ability to detect and locate small leaks (creeping leaks) before they develop into large failures
  • Permanent and continuous  monitoring regardless of weather and pipeline conditions
  • Ability to detect and locate early signs of geohazards (or ground movements)
  • High sensitivity to guarantee fast response to any threat to the pipeline

The iPSS offers:

  • Modular system architecture using the optical fibre as the sensor
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Long range expandable to hundreds of km
  • Temperature or Acoustic Based Leak Detection
  • Third Party Intrusion

The intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System addresses the operational and security requirements of long distance pipelines. The iPSS employs Silixa’s proven and high performing distributed acoustic and distributed temperature technologies. Events are processed in real time to provide the geo-location and classification of every detected event.

The iPSS is controlled by a dedicated Security Management System (SMS) equipped with a user visual interface tool and a built-in database for storage of events. The Silixa iPSS can easily be integrated into existing high level monitoring systems enabling the system to be part of an overall pipeline management solution.

Customers are able to design open architecture integrated system solutions with the benefits of low cost of ownership and robustness against obsolescence.

The image, taken during the installation of the fibre optic cable for the Silixa iPSS system in Nigeria, shows the relative position of the pipeline and fibre optic cable prior to burial.

The fibre optic cable is shown running alongside the existing pipeline.

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