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- Model IL-Mini - Stand Alone Data Logging and Alarming Instrument



The IntelliLogger IL-Mini is an extremely versatile stand-alone data logging and alarming instrument… offered at a very cost competitive price point.  The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is programmed via Logic Beach’s industry proven icon-based HyperWare-II software… the same powerful software used with the network enabled IntelliLogger™  product family.  Compatibility with HyperWare-II results in a level of data logging and alarming flexibility never before available in such a low-cost instrument.

Packaged in a gasketed door, rugged weatherproof enclosure, the IL-Mini™ data logger is ready to deploy in a plant, at a remote site or on a vehicle for R&D data logging, energy audits, compressed air audits, emissions monitoring, flow characterization or  a multitude of other data collection and alarming tasks.

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is offered with a full suite of options to meet your specific data collection and alarming needs.


The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ utilizes the unique and powerful HyperWare-II software to provide flexibility and  intuitive programmability never seen before in a low cost data logging instrument. The historical compromise of flexibility vs cost in low-cost data logging platforms is now history.

Within HyperWare-II, simple drag, drop and mouse interconnection of icons builds a visually intuitive data logging and alarming program that is then uploaded into the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ where it executes.

Icons representing analog and digital inputs as well as processing (math, min/max, integration, etc) and final output  (log memory, alarm outputs) are simply interconnected to build the desired Program Net.

Conditional logging, threshold alarms, inter-channel calculations, flow calculations (time integration), duty-cycle calculations, logic, energy interval totals, time and date scheduling and much more are all quickly programmed and readily handled by the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™.

Based on the user developed program, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ samples analog, digital and even Modbus inputs, processes the readings and stores the results to internal memory or a removable CF card..  Simultaneously it processes any user programmed alarm strategies and outputs accordingly.

Following are some example Program Nets demonstrating the visually intuitive programmability of the IntelliLogger™…

Fig 1: Heat Exchanger Inlet, Outlet and Differential Temperature Logging

In the Differential Temperature Logging program shown, icons have been interconnected to build a simple IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ Program to log the temperature differential across a heat exchanger.

Running this program, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ will sample two thermocouple temperatures every 10 seconds, calculate the temperature difference and store all three values (Tinlet, Toutlet and Tdelta) to internal memory. 

Via Modbus interface to a Modbus enabled Power Meter, the instantaneous compressor 3ph power is sampled every 5 seconds and  Min/Max and Average demand is logged every 5 minutes.  An energy consumption profile is developed based on energy consumed and is logged on 15 minute utility intervals.  Additionally, the compressor duty-cycle is logged based on On/Off state derived from the power.

The output flow 5 minute Min, max and  average is logged from a Modbus enabled air flow meter and pressure is logged on the input and output of the air dryer. From these two pressures, a differential pressure across the dryer is calculated and logged and the output pressure is logged. Additionally, the compressor cylinder head temperature is logged for baseline reference and cooling assessment.

Fig 3: Heat Exchanger Thermal Transfer Calculation and Logging

In this Heat Transfer program, not only is the IntelliLogger IL-Mini recording temperatures on a heat exchanger but also the coolant flow rate.  The coolant flow transducer outputs a frequency that is a function of the flow rate.  This frequency is scaled to GPM by the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ via a Math icon.

With these values, the specific heat of the coolant  and the mathematical processing power of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™, the net heat transfer can be calculated and stored to memory providing a performance map of the heat exchanger.

With the addition of a power meter input, ambient temperature and rH sensor into unused channels the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is fully capable of profiling the efficiency of a cooling tower.

  • Analog Inputs:
    The IntelliLogger Mini™ is delivered standard with four (4) analog bipolar Vdc inputs capable of being field configured for eight (8) different full scale ranges from 20mVdc to 2Vdc.  Optionally, these analog inputs can be expanded for thermocouple direct input (J, K, E, T, R, S and N), DC current (8 ranges from 20uAdc to 20mAdc full scale) and “Hi” Vdc input which adds 3 Vdc ranges up to 30Vdc direct input.  Ranges are selected via the HyperWare-II software and input types are selected via DIP switches on a channel by channel basis… allowing for mixing of mAdc, Vdc, and thermocouple to meet the application requirements… all on a single unit! 
  • Flexible Digital Input:
    Additionally, all models include a single digital type input that can be configured via HyperWare-II software as an Event, High-Speed Counter or Frequency input. Wind speed, water flow, kW consumption, and events are easily logged.  Additionally, the Event input is commonly used to trigger conditional logging within a Program Net … for example, log only when the engine is on or log only when the brakes are applied. As an Event input, support is provided for switched inputs such as contact closures, open collector transistors, reed switches, etc.  Simply enable an internal pull-up resistor via HyperWare-II to provide the “wetting voltage”.  High/Low driven voltage signals can also be input.  The Counter mode similarly can accept switched inputs or driven inputs with configurable pull-up resistors to provide contact “wetting voltage” as well as debounce filtering.  Overprotection circuitry allows for up to 30VDc direct connection.
  • Wiring:
    With the hinged front panel design, removal of two thumb screws provides easy access for signal wiring routing to the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™.  Gland type weatherproof fittings in the bottom of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ secure the wiring and maintain the weatherproof integrity of the package.  Electrical connections are then securely made via clearly marked screw-down cage clamping terminal strip connections. 

  • Digital Output(s): The IL-Mini™ is provided with one or two current limited digital outputs (0/5Vdc) which can be used as alarm outputs, to trigger external equipment, interface to PLC’s or for other applications.  Each output has an optional LED indicator which can be user enabled for status when battery power consumption is not a concern. 
  • Relay Output(s) : As a substitute for one or both of the Digital Outputs, up to two relay outputs can be provided.  These relays can be used to control external alarms, send signals to PLC’s, switch transducer power or a multitude of other uses.

IntelliLogger-Mini Weatherproof Enclosure

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is packaged in a rugged, weatherproof hinged door enclosure to protect the unit from weather elements, factory floor grime and/or tampering fingers.  Unique pressure equalizing venting is integral to the enclosure to protect it from ambient pressure changes as experienced during flights, shipment or elevation changes. 

Sensor and signal wiring is via provided gland fittings and internal terminal strip connections.  The ABS and polycarbonate enclosure features a silicone gasketed clear door with secure latch, optional wall or surface mounting hanger.  The clear door allows for viewing of output status LED’s as well as the optional liquid crystal display (LCD).
Removal of two thumbscrews at the top of the unit provides quick access to  the internal wiring terminal strips ;and optional batteries… allowing for quick battery replacement or input signal configuration changes.

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is provided in either a shallow (~3”)  or deeper (~4.5”) enclosure to accommodate the customer specified  power options which can include external power only, external power and internal D-cells and PSM-4 power supply for transducer excitation.  A surface mounting hanger allows for secure attachment of the unit to a wall or flat surface.

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is a very low-power instrument, well suited to battery or grid powered operation and can be provided with various power options:

  • External Power – terminal strip connections are provided for direct connection of an external low-voltage DC source (nominal 7-28Vdc).  Power sources include grid connected wall adapters, 24Vdc PLC power supply, PV powered battery source or other. 
  • Wide Range External power – A wide range input Power Option (-WP) is available for installation of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ in vehicle applications where voltage regulation can be ragged.. at best.  With the WP option, the IntelliLogger power supply has additional suppression and regulation circuitry allowing it to withstand up to 60Vdc continually and voltage spikes as commonly found on vehicle power busses.
  • Internal Battery – with the DBatt option, 6 alkaline D-cells are provided in a slightly taller enclosure.   The D-cells will power the unit for up to 3 months and can readily be user replaced.  As D-cells are readily available all over the world, gone are the hassles associated with procuring and replacing specialty batteries or shipping the data logger back to the factory for a simple battery replacement!.

In many applications, powering the data logger  is only part of the requirement.  Many transducers and transmitters such as 4-20ma loop powered devices require a power source.. commonly 24Vdc.  With the PSM-4 option for the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ these field sensor power headaches are history. 

In stand-alone battery powered applications, the  PSM-4 Power Supply Module steps up the IntelliLogger IL-Mini's™ internal 9Vdc battery voltage to 24Vdc to power the 4-20mA loop then shuts down to conserve battery energy after the readings are complete.  The PSM-4 can also be used with external power sources (eg 12Vdc AGM batteries or 12Vdc wall adapters) that supply insufficient voltage for the sensors.  

The PSM-4 coupled with the Warm-Up icon within the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ Program Net provide a solid simple solution for powering the transducers.

For applications not requiring higher voltages for transducer excitation, yet requiring energy conserving transducer power cycling, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ can be provided with up to two relay outputs… perfect for transducer excitation control.  As with the PSM-4, the power cycling scheme is simply implemented through the Warm-Up icon within the Program Net.

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini is provided with a USB mini connection for communication to a PC running HyperWare-II software. 

Easy access front panel buttons behind the protective clear door provide user control for Enable, Stop and Reset of the unit.  If the optional LCD display is ordered, users can view real-time readings of channel as well as calculated values (eg totals), status messages, custom alarm and status messages, remaining memory, battery state of charge and much more. Next and Select buttons are provided with the LCD option to step through the multitude of display features. 

Two green “status” LED’s are provided on the front panel for user configuration as desired within the Program Net developed in HyperWare-II. Blinking or steady ON modes are selectable.

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini can be provided with Modbus RTU Master or Slave capability.  With the Modbus RTU Master option the IntelliLogger IL-Mini is easily configured to log data from Modbus connected intelligent devices such as Flow Meters, Power Meters, gas analyzers, samplers, PLC’s, SCADA systems and more.  With the Modbus RTU Slave option, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ readily shares internal registers (current values, calculated values, alarm states, etc) with an interrogating Modbus RTU Master device such as a PLC or SCADA system. Refer to the IntelliLogger IL-Mini Modbus Options page for details.

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