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INTERFLEX (Roughbore) is a high-quality, general-purpose hose, constructed from a single strip of metal that is profiled and locked onto itself. The interlocked, or overlapping, sections of strip are able to slide back and forth, providing the ability to flex.

Strip Thickness:
10 – Extra Light Weight
15 – Light Weight
18 – Medium Weight
20 – Medium Weight (AL only)
25 – Heavy Weight
30 – Extra Heavy Weight

Material Codes:
AL – Aluminum
GS – Galvanized Steel
SS – T304 Stainless Steel
16 – T316 Stainless Steel
20 – T201 Stainless Steel

Example: IN10SS is made from T304 stainless steel strip .010” thick.

When to Consider Packing:

Interlocked metal hose, by the nature of its construction, is not pressure tight. However, pressure and media infiltration through the interlocked wall can be minimized by the insertion of one of a variety of packings into the wall during hose manufacturing. Packing consists of a continuous cord or strand of elastomer, or other material which is locked into a special channel between the interlocked hose wall layers. The choice of packing material is tailored to the demands of the specific application.

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