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Model IEC - Intermediate Duration Enviro Landfill Cover



Intermediate Enviro Cover (IEC) is designed for use on top of an intermediate medium e.g. soil, where the area will not be used for an extended period of time. Intermediate Enviro Cover is designed to provide an effective impermeable and economical barrier. An intermediate cover provides a durable barrier between the environment and the landfill waste for an extended period. The US EPA requires that if compacted earthen material is used as intermediate cover, it must be placed at a depth of 12 inches (300 mm) or more to effectively control disease vectors, fires, odors, blowing litter and scavenging, to remove threats to human health and the environment.

Intermediate Enviro Cover film is engineered for extended cover periods of up to six months. The use of Intermediate Enviro Cover significantly reduces the material and operating costs associated with the thick layer of earthen material used in intermediate landfill covering.

The impermeable nature of Intermediate Enviro Cover encourages water runoff, thus effectively controlling water infiltration and reducing leachate generation, and minimizes the escape of odors and air emissions.

Enviro Cover is mechanically destroyed on subsequent placement of waste, therefore not impeding the movement of bio gas.

Intermediate Enviro Cover is dark brown in color (earth tone) and comes in flexible sizing and dimensions as follows:

  • Gauge 5mil x length 16ft x area 33,000 sq ft: (127 microns x 4.88m x 3065m2)
  • Gauge 5mil x length 18ft x area 37,150 sq ft: (127 microns x 5.5m x 3451m2)

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