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- Model Versatrax 450™ - Tank and Tunnel Crawler (TTC)



Designed specifically for hazardous environments, the Versatrax 450™ TTC is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications where remote handling and inspection are required. With the crawler, tether reel and system controller all integrated into Pelican® cases, the portable Versatrax 450™ TTC can be deployed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to inspect, capture, and safely remove dangerous materials from any site faster than by conventional means.

The Versatrax 450 TTC showcases a wide variety of new Inuktun technologies in a modular system. The 6000 series extended Minitracs provide 4”/10cm of clearance to allow for improved manoeuvrability over a wide range of obstacles. The main camera, a Spectrum 90, can be lowered to navigate through tight spaces and then raised to an upright position in gain a 360 degree viewing from an intuitive position. The four-function manipulator arm unfolds from the crawler for remote handling of articles and debris, and includes a second integrated camera, allowing the user to closely monitor items during handling operations. Forward and rear facing high output LED auxiliary lights allow for high visibility in low light situations.

Inuktun Services Ltd. employs a team of engineers that are ready to modify your Versatrax 450 TTC with whatever sensor information your industry demands. A number of customers have already outfitted their Versatrax 450 with laser lines, laser profilers and a directional compass. Whatever the job requires, Inuktun will help you make your Versatrax 450 ready to….see it for yourself.

  • Diameter : min 15in / 381mm
  • Tether Cable : 500ft / 160m, Multi conductor, abrasion resistant rilsan
  • Speed : Up to 30ft / 9m per minute
  • Payload :200lb / 92kg
  • Camera : Color, pan, tilt, zoom, color manipulator arm auxiliary
  • Options : 10.2' monitor, digital video recorder, inclinometer, directional compass monitor, chronometer, laser site lines, laser profiler

  • Radioactive waste site cleaning and disposal
  • Suspicious package/ EOD inspection and disposal
  • Material sampling and object recovery
  • Remote deployment of onboard sensor packages
  • Suspicious tunnel inspection

  • Portable inspection capability up to 500’ /152m
  • Two onboard color cameras; one for 360 degree views and one for manipulator arm close-ups
  • Built-in camera lights and two auxiliary lights for maximum visibility in the darkest of environments
  • Four function manipulator control arm which folds away for flat storage
  • Intuitive multi joystick controller layout with sensitive controls for easy operation
  • Rugged 6000 Series Extended Minitracs for superior traction and navigation
  • Scalable framework for industry-specific modifications

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