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Swem Water Tech ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.

IOtra SWED Series


SWED series of EDI equipments involves a process that removes ionizable species from liquids using electrically active media and an electrical potential to affect ion transport. It differs from other water purification technologies such as conventional ion exchange in that it is does not require the use of chemicals such as acid and caustic. EDI is commonly used as a polishing process to further deionize Reverse Osmosis (RO) permeate to 18.2megohm-cm quality water. SWED series of EDI devices typically contain semi-permeable ion-exchange membranes and permanently charged media such as ion-exchange resin. The EDI process is essentially a hybrid of two well-known separation processes - ion exchange deionization and electrodialysis, and is sometimes referred to as filled-cell electrodialysis.

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