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- Model FID - Recycler System



IPCO Power’s FID Recycler sets new standards in re-using any remaining sludge and waste oil. All installations operating on HFO produce sludge and waste oil, resulting in an expensive disposal problem. With the use of IPCO’S FID Recycler the current “waste stream” can now be converted to “fuel” to be used in boilers and incinerators. This “new” fuel will have the same efficiency as the conventional fuels typically used in HFO installations. IPCO Power’s FID Recycler sets new standards in tank treatment. The average fuel droplet size after treatment with the FID Recycler will be approximately 3 micron or smaller.

  • System: Fuel Improvement Device (FID) Reducer, Vertical Homogenizer, with Magnetic motor coupling, Homogenizer is made from Aluminum 7075 T6 with special proprietary hard coat. 
  • Pressure: Max 12 bar
  • Temperature: Min 90°C for HFO
  • Power supply: 400V@50 Hz / 460V@60Hz 
  • Control Panel: 230V@50Hz / 250V@60Hz (Transformer in control panel)
  • Protection Class: IP54
  • Capacity and power: on request 1500 up to 12.000 l/h
  • Flange Connections: SAE Flange (counter SAE flange is supplied with system.)
  • Paint: RAL6018 

Standard FID Recycler include the following components: 

  • Fuel Improvement Device
  • Electronic Cabine 
  • Frame
  • 4 hrs Workshop Test 
  • 2 x Operating Manuals

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