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- Model XFR - PVC System



The world’s first engineered PVC DWV system rated for high buildings and plenums.

  • Code compliance
  • High buildings and plenum applications
  • Lower thermal conductivity

Contractors installing DWV pipe in high buildings and plenums had few alternatives to heavy cast iron and copper. IPEX has changed that. System XFR is the world’s first engineered PVC DWV system rated for high buildings and air plenums where the National Building Code mandates more stringent Flame Spread and Smoke Development requirements which previously limited the use of thermoplastic.

Suitable for use in combustible and noncombustible environments, System XFR’s advanced material has a Flame Spread Rating of 25 and Smoke Developed Classification of 50 which permits it to be installed in High Buildings and Air Return Plenums in accordance with local Codes.

And in addition to its flame and smoke attributes, System XFR delivers all the performance advantages you’d expect from thermoplastic piping.

Sizes range from 1-1/2' to 18' in diameter.

Drain Waste and Vent Piping in:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Above ground or underground

Flame & Smoke

System XFR possesses superior flame- and smoke- retardant capabilities. When tested to the CAN/ULC S102.2 Standard, System XFR achieved a Flame Spread Rating of not greater than 25 and a Smoke Developed Classification of not greater than 50.

Code Compliance

Ideal for noncombustible applications, System XFR meets National and Provincial building code requirements:

  • High buildings as defined by NBC article 3.2.6
  • Air plenums as defined by NBC article
  • Noncombustible construction as defined by NBC article 3.1.5
  • Penetrating a rated fire separation as defined by NBC article

High Impact Resistance

Thanks to its advanced materials, System XFR demonstrates a high impact strength in cold temperatures.

Impact-tested at 0 ºC and 23 ºC, XFR is tough enough to exceed the CSA requirements.

Improved Flow

System XFR has a substantially lower roughness factor compared to metal systems, allowing for overall improved flow. It’s also made with a larger inside diameter which provides a greater cross-sectional area for flow and raises both carrying capacity and flow rates. This feature gives engineers the versatility to design smaller, compact systems that can still handle the necessary flow rates.

Lower Thermal Conductivity

System XFR sweats less than metal pipe due to its excellent insulating properties. As a result, XFR can reduce — and in many cases, eliminate — the need for insulation.

Comparable Noise Attenuation

In real world sound tests performed on constructed buildings, IPEX DWV systems have proven to provide comparable noise attenuation when compared to cast iron from drainage flow. Numerous installations from schools to hospitals and nursing homes have been plumbed with these IPEX drainage systems, all proving that in these critical installations the IPEX systems measure up in terms of sound transfer.


IPEX System XFR Drain, Waste and Vent pipe and fittings shall be certified to CSA B181.2 and when used in noncombustible construction, high buildings and air plenums, they shall be tested and listed in accordance with CAN/ULC S102.2 and clearly marked with the certification logo indicating a Flame Spread Rating not more than 25 and a Smoke Developed Classification not exceeding 50.

System XFR pipe and fittings have been tested and certified by CSA to the CSA B181.2 standard. System XFR pipe and fittings are listed with ITS (Warnock Hersey) to exhibit Flame and Smoke values as per CAN/ULC S102.2-10.

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