- Indoor Air Purifier System


iPURtech’s Air PURifier removes airborne impurities from indoor environments. A new survey has found that indoor air pollution is causing many problems in work places across Britain. The YouGov survey commissioned by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) reports that almost 70% of office workers believe poor air quality in their place of work is having a negative effect on their dayto-day productivity and well-being.

  • Removes the NOx’s and particulates generated by traffic.
  • Removes Bacteria, viruses, pollen, odours, and chemical taints.
  • Produces fresh air with no heat losses or open window noise.

The iPURtech Air PURifier, running in automatic mode, only comes to life if the air quality reduces. It senses poor quality air and odours and runs only until the air quality improves. Manually it can be set to run for 1-8 hours then stop. HEPA and Carbon filters are augmented by a photocatalyst membrane which destroys NOx and odours using UV-C as an initiator.

Pet Odours

iPURtech Air PURifier - Pet Odours

With an iPURtech Air PURifier pet odours can be constantly eliminated. Set in automatic mode the system will continually monitor the air for odours and activate as soon any are detected. Unlike other possible solutions to pet odours there are no chemicals either emitted or that need replenish and there are also no filters to replace.

Office Germs

Opening windows is the most commonly used form of ventilation with 60% of office workers saying it is the first thing they do if they need ‘fresh air’. However, this is often not the best solution; it could run the risk of further polluting the working environment by letting in outdoor toxins such as car fumes, heat can be lost from and noise levels increase.

Positioned in any office an iPURtech Air PURifier can provide fresh air without the need to open any windows. By destroying germs, bacteria and viruses on contact the iPURtech Air Purifier can drastically improve air quality and employees health and wellbeing.

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