Temple Water Technologies

Temple Water Technologies

Iron and Manganese Treatment Systems

We have developed five different types of iron and manganese removal systems to suit all types of bore water. These systems are available in twelve sizes to suit a range of flow rates.

Benefits of Temple Water systems:

  • Removes iron by up to 99.8% - no more iron stains in the dairy shed or blocked pipes.
  • Removes manganese by up to 99.9% - troublesome manganese deposits in pumps and pipes eliminated.
  • Treated to comply with MAF/dairy company requirements - water exclusion issues overcome.
  • Treated water tastes better and is healthier for stock - increases water consumption and milk production.
  • Perfect for household use:
    - Drinking water becomes a pleasure
    - No staining of laundry, bathroom rust stains eliminated
    - No more dry and irritated skin
  • Automatic backwash based on volume treated - means excellent performance.
  • No labour required to backwash - so your farm water system is hassle free.
  • Uses bore water for backwashing and rinsing - saves using treated water and frees up your storage capacity.
  • Efficient automatic media cleaning system - for longer media life.
  • Designed to be robust and reliable - to minimize maintenance.
  • Treatment without adding chemicals is available on certain waters.

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