Industrial Systems, Inc.

- Portable Above Ground Storage Tanks


Industrial Systems, Inc. (ISI) has developed a series of liquid storage tanks with closure design, built in tank strength, overall durability and rugged accessories that surpass any other portable tank in the oil and gas drilling or fracking industry. The Portable above ground tanks are designed with more than four times the typical engineering safety factor.

  • Tank sizes from 9,700 - 53,000 bbls
  • All tanks equipped with OSHA approved stairs & landing (with handrail) + removable interior ladder
  • 12” Suction capable of handling up to 120 barrels per minute capacity
  • Unique panel design for added safety; each panel serialized for security & traceability
  • Minimal site prep & environmental impact
  • Turnkey installation

Our portable above ground tanks are manufactured with safety and reliability first and provide an environmentally responsible containment solution. Developed to be cost effective versus conventional storage tanks, 5 standard sizes are available, ranging from 9,700 bbls to 53,000 bbls. To minimize heat loss and the effects of freezing conditions, the tank walls can be insulated and an optional insulated cover can be used.

Minimize Transportation and Setup Time
An entire tank can be transported with as few as 2 trucks, depending on size, with a setup time of 1 day. This offers a convenient solution for water storage, while at the same time, cutting transportation costs and decreasing heavy truck traffic.

Built to Last
Each tank is designed with a safety factor of 4, a wind loading of 100 mph, an estimated 25 year life of the skeletal structural and a 7-10 year expectancy of the liner when used in one location. These tanks offer a safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible containment solution for an array of liquids from water to fracking fluid.

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