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- Model 1 Inch - Handheld Plumbing Cameras



The iSnake portable plumbing camera is a universal tool that can be widely used for remote visual inspection to save you time, money and inconvenience. Whether you inspect laterals, drains, air or chimney ducts, the iSnake system will deliver. It is easy to operate and one person can use all of the features and functions. This unit was specially designed to meet contractor's demands for a portable, easy-to-use and economical camera for plumbing to inspect pipelines and ducts. Set up takes seconds, and the iSnake can be used in even the tightest spaces to provide you with the ability to inspect in real time and capture images or video to document your inspections.

Thanks to a new CCD camera chip which features 720x480 (NTSC) pixel resolution, and faster processing, you get a crisp and detailed image on the integrated 7' color monitor. The camera and push rod are completely water/oil proof (IP68).  The camera is placed on flexible spring neck to overcome difficult and curved areas inside pipelines, and if you damage the camera, it is removable so you don't need to replace the entire unit, since the camera head detaches. 

The iSnake plumbing camera features easy to use, large ergonomic controls, and an intuitive operation. Its highly portable design has an anti-shock construction, so it can travel with you anywhere.

Files are captured to an SD memory card (included). A video output jack can transfer the live image to a larger TV monitor, to discuss repairs, and troubleshooting on the spot with customers.

The iSnake operates on a Li-Ion rechargeable battery which is good for 4 hours of inspection.

Mini plumbing camera specially designed for portable field inspections, with maximum maneuverability. The iSnake is a great tool to inspect pipes/ducts/HVAC lines 1.2' or larger.

  • Easy to Carry, Portable Design
  • 20 meter (65 feet) Working Length 
  • 0.67' or 1' Diameter Detachable Camera Head
  • Flexible Spring Neck to Easily Navigate Through Elbows and Traps
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire Lens Over the Camera
  • Bright LEDs with Illumination Control.
  • 7” TFT Color LCD Display
  • Image (JPEG )/Video (MPEG4) Capture 
  • AV output (PAL/NTSC selectable)
  • 8GB SD Card Storage
  • Built-in Battery for Up to 4 Hours of Portable Operation
What’s Included

Centering skid (for 1'' camera head only), iSnake Camera Head, iSnake Probe, Portable Monitor, Li-lon Battery, SD Card, USB-mini USB Cable, AC Power Adaptor 5V, Connection Cable, User Manual, Plastic Carrying Case.

Insertion Probe

  • Length: 20 meter(65.6')
  • Camera Head Diameter: 23mm (1.0') / 17mm (0.67”) 
  • Hi-resolution Color CCD camera with Sapphire glass lens
  • No articulation
  • Fiberglass cable
  • 120° Field of View (FOV)
  • 0° Direction of view (DOV)
  • Waterproof design of push probe
  • Illumination: 12 white LEDs
  • Special point touch connector to camera
  • Centering skid (not available for 17mm (0.67”)  camera head)

Image Hub

  • 7” Color LCD monitor with Video output, file playback
  • DVR Total Resolution: 720x576 (D1)
  • SD memory card slot
  • Recording format - AVI / JPEG
  • Power adaptor: 110~240VAC, 12VDC/1000mA
  • Rechargeable battery for portable use up to 4 hours
  • Li-ion battery box (4400mAh)
  • System Operating Temperature: -20°to 120°F
  • Operating temperature   - 20°F~ 120°F (- 28C°~ 50°C)

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